Du Preez Stoltz

Singing was always part of him and with his passion and love for the industry it was inevitable that he would choose a career in entertainment.

Du Preez matriculated in 1996 at Welkom Gimnasium and then achieved the degree B.Soc.Sc at the University of the Freestate.
After being introduced to the singing industryhe replaced Jannie Moolman and became a member of South Africa's Three Tenors with Phillip Kotze and Chris Coetzer. The opportunity came when Jannie decided to do solo.

Du Preez always knew that his passion lies within the gospel industry and the day when Select Music offered him a solo album, he was immediately convinced that it has to be a gospel cd. The cd will be released early in 2010! 

His gospel is based on a long spiritual struggle with the meaning if LIFE - but abundant life as God intended."I am come that they might have life, and that they might haveitmore abundantly."Joh 10:10

Most of us are following a set of rules and regulations set by the world, as conditions for abundant life.

And we use these guidelines to measure if we live life at it's fullest.

Money and possessions are on the foreground of this. 

In our attempt to achieve these goals, we are putting God's regulations for abundant life on the background... Does it mean we trust the world more than God??  

The next moment you are caught in a rush, that leads to what? 

The so called rat race consumed you and you see no way out. 

The world's grip is financial debt, based on the greed for those posessions and status that will make you happy and give abundant life... 

And so the Devil succeeds to pull us away from the things and people who really gives meaning to life.And the first to go are relationships

How is my relationship with God, my wife and my children? 

How many times do these relationships suffer due to the "I don't have time" excuse? 

And the day will come when your own child wil say: 'I don't know my mom/dad or even worst. when God wil say: 'I do not know you.... 

The question is not if you are successful in the eyes of the world, but if live life as God intended." Du Preez

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